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We specially made plain colour Doona Covers to for your requirement FABRICS : * Commercial Polyester cotton 50/50 * Polyester cotton percale * 100% Cotton SIZE   : Single Double Queen King COLOURS : White, Ecru, Sand, frost green, light/ mid blue, forrest green, navy, Chocolates.

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Tufted Acrylic

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Quilted Pillow Protector

  QUILTED PILLOW PROTECTORS Polyester filled, cotton cover diamond quilted pillow protector. Come with zip or flap closure.

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  • HHCS COMMERCIAL PILLOW weight 650 grms polyester fillled come with stain resistant cover
  • made from non woven polypropylene material. >WATERPROOFED COATED COVER PILLOW CUSTOM MADE PILLOW HHCS able to make special size, weight and custom pillow cover for your special requirement.

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    Nylon Pillow cover

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    Mattress Protector

    Mattress protector Commercial Mattress protector . Elastic fitted corners. Size  : Single King Single Double Queen King

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    Mattress Covers


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    Doonas : Special Made Blanket

      Special made blanket. Size

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    Doonas / Quilts

      Quilts suitable for commercial use. 1. Filled with polyester fibre fill. Pol/cot  50/50 cover. 2. Filled with polyester fibre fill.  100%  Bleached cotton cover. Size : Single Double Queen King

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      Doona/ Quilt  polyester fill Size    ; Single Double Queen King

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    Doona Cover Set White Satin Stripes

          TAILORED DOONA COVER SETS Premium White Satin Stripe doona cover set are made of 50/50 polyester cotton easy care polycotton with 250 thread count and is avalaible in 20mm satin stripe. Slit opening allows for easy commercial laundering.        Size  : Single King Single Double Queen King

    satin stripe Doona cover
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    White Cotton cellular blanket
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    Comforters Como

                  COMO PARK DESIGN COMFORTER            Poly/cotton cover            250 gsm polyester fill.  COLOURS :          Como Park Bright          Como Park More Info »

    Como comforter bright
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    bed sheet commercial pol/cot


    • Single bed
    • King Single
    • Double bed
    • Queen Size
    • King Size
    • Special made size

    White linen
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    Bed Linen White

                                       WHITE BED SHEETS & PILLOW COVERS    Sheet commercial polyester/cotton 50/50 Sheet commercial 100% cotton  SIZES   : Single More Info »

    Bedroom, romantic situation
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    Bed Linen Coloured

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